hoa cuoi hoa tuoi hoa tet, dich vu hoa tetren cao capren gia re

Nhân dịp chào mừng ngày miền nam hoàn toàn giải phóng thống nhất đất nước, Ủy ban nhân dân thành phố Hồ Chí Minh đã khánh thành đường đi bộ Nguyễn Huệ, đường đi bộ đầu tiên của Việt Nam. Chắc hẳn người dân Sài Gòn rất tự hào về công trình công ích tầm […]

The first regional “Ngo” boat race festival, a traditional race among ethnic Khmer in the Mekong Delta, is slated for November 14-17 in the southern province of Soc Trang with 61 teams on the waiting list.  Competitions will be divided into two categories of 1,200 metres for men and 1,000 metres for women. The festival […]

Another flight from Khabarovsk in Russia is scheduled to land at Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang and depart again on December 16. This is the first commercial flight from Russia’s Far East region to Cam Ranh Airport. From now till March 2011, Vladivostok Air will run 14 flights from the Russian cities of […]

Vietnam Difference Tour company – Diftour is a professional tour operator in Vietnam. Our mission is giving to tourists Vietnam beauty  including its nature, its culture and its people; an experience of real life, some local volunteer activities with a professional service offered by a friendly team. With us, you not only travel but also […]



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